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March 17, 2012
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I thought that you would....awake from that corrupt sleep
And wait for me; alas, but you died in a dream

A year of sleep turned into two, three, twenty, a thousand.

A young Princeling named Gerard was brought up on the lore of beautiful Princesses, wizards, dragons, and elves. But it would be an insult to call them myths for these creatures of magic were real.
The young Prince was shown every magical creature possible by his Oma, who was a witch. She saw the creativity that flowed from his fingertips when he drew or wrote, and in the way he sang. She saw how much he enjoyed the stories, how he would constantly ask to hear more and have others repeated, and so she decided it would be good to show him these magical creatures.
The King and Queen, Gerard's parents, had been horrified upon Oma suggesting this, but could not deny Oma's clever argument that it would do Gerard good. A king needed to know and understand his subjects to better reign over them, and also be able to keep the peace with neighboring kingdoms. It was clear she had won, and so, Gerard was permitted to go with her. The ebony haired young man did indeed love, and sometimes feared, the new beings he was shown. But the fable he was most interested in was that of Brier-Rose, endlessly questioning if she was real.
She was said to have had locks of sunshine, sun kissed skin, limbs of robust health, with lips and eyelids painted blush pink. A fairy tale of a woman.

"Oma you have denied me too long, confess." Gerard stated as the two rose horseback on the long, winding forest path. The trees that were draped in moss towered over them, dappling young man and old woman in shadow and sunlight.
"Straighten your convoluted tongue, and speak not to me in riddles my elf child." Oma retorted, withered hands tightening on the reins, for she knew what he would ask.
"You know if Brier-Rose is real." He accused. The elderly woman sighed as she threw her braided mane of steel colored hair over her shoulder.
"It seems time has not quenched your thirst." The hazel eyed man simply waited for her to go on. Again the woman sighed, her proud shoulders slumping in defeat. "Yes, Brier-Rose is real, and she has slept for a thousand years, awaiting her rescue." At hearing this Gerard grew quiet, thinking upon the young woman who lay comatose. The creativity that had garnered him fame, now began to puzzle over Brier-Rose.

There was no conceivable way her dress would have lasted so long, Gerard thought to himself. But as appealing as bare breasts were, he knew that Brier-Rose's fairies would not let her fall into such disgrace. They would dress her in black, a color of mourning, and something that would add grace to those wasted limbs. She would be as slender as a ballerina, all traces of over-indulgence used up. Brier-Rose's sun kissed skin would now be as pale as the moon that shone through her window.
Everything about Brier-Rose would state sorrow, and so the fairies would change her hair into a long, flowing mane of ebony, as they painted her eyelids crimson and wrapped a vermilion sash around her now narrow hips.

Gerard became so enraptured by his imagining of her that one day he announced he was going to go free Brier-Rose.
The King, Queen, and Oma saw it would be futile to deny him and so gave him all needed things for his journey. Food, a sword, armor, and a strong, healthy war horse. The young Princeling left with no fanfare and rode hard for many days and nights, driven by his passion for the young woman he had come to love.
Gerard fought tooth and nail through the briers and was rewarded by entrance to the courtyard. Once inside he relaxed for a moment before he stowed his sword, a smile on his lips as he murmured
"Here I come my Brier-Rose."
But the smile twisted into a piercing scream that shredded the evening sky.
A sword protruded from his chest, and as blood trickled down the corners of Gerard's mouth, the sword was retracted and Gerard fell to his knees coughing violently, spraying blood across the cobblestones.
"She is mine." A deep and heavily accented voice growled as a foot kicked Gerard's back, causing him to collapse onto his stomach. The last thing Gerard saw before darkness overtook him was a pair of jaded moss green eyes.

Gerard's eyes snapped open, his body covered in a cold sweat. He curled up on his side, trembling from the anxiety the dream left, and running his hand under his pillow until he grasped his phone. The young man screwed his eyes shut at the blinding light of his cell, though he didn't need his sight to be able to text his girlfriend.
"Had a dream you were Sleeping Beauty. You were beautiful. I got killed before I could wake you up."
Half a minute later Helena responded
"If you were killed then I'd never wake up. We'd become like Romeo and Juliet, our own pair of demolition lovers."
This is :iconjoefo:'s prize for the MCR contest held by meganwayxoxo
She got a oneshot, and she wanted it about the Demolition Lovers so I gave it a bit of a twist.

The picture belongs to :icontbdoll: who kindly let me use it as a preview for my story.
Here's the link for the original page: [link]

Yes Helena is Brier Rose A.K.A Sleeping Beauty in the story

The bold part is a piece of Till Lindemann's poem "I have Seen You in A Dream" [link]
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Wow! I absolutely love this piece! It's very dynamic, especially with the two very contrasting tones of writing you used! I loved the story and the creativity you used as well, overall, very nice job! ^^
withinmeloveresides1 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2012  Student Writer
Yay! :heart: Definitely good to hear that it wasn't confusing between the dream and when Gee woke up.
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